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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Digital scrapbooking anyone?

Any digital scrapbookers out there?
I have to admit that I am a wanna be digital scrapbooker.  I think that there are some absolutely fabulous kits out there (yes, I look) and I love the idea that it is such a portable hobby!  I mean, I already have a gazillion pictures on my computer, so whats a few more gazillion scrapbooking files, you know what I mean?

Well, I'll be totally honest with you.  I've been intimidated by Photoshop.  I have photoshop elements on my Mac, and have tried doing some minor things .. but often waste an entire evening playing around with nothing to show for it.   Well not tonight folks!  Tonight I accomplished something.  And this was something BIG for me.  I pushed my fears aside and did it! (of course I had some help!)    I created my first (of probably hundreds) of digital scrapbook pages.

I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to my fellow Design team member, Janet, who put together this awesome tutorial.  If not for this tutorial I would not know what I was missing.  You can view Janet's Digital Scrapbooking tutorial on her blog, Create, Believe, Imagine Scrapbooks.  She does a FABULOUS job explaining it for the newbie!  I hope that you will take a peek at her blog!

Here is what I created with her tutorial.
Keep in mind that this is my first ever attempt at digitizing my scrapbook pages.

I did manage to use a Little Scraps of Heaven Pattern in here too ... It's the Happy Leprechaun Collection.
I used the free St. Patricks Day digital kit which I found HERE.  (By the way when I googled "Free Digital Scrapbook Kits I was BLOWN AWAY by the amount of awesomeness that people are giving away!)

Next step for me ... perhaps a hybrid page?  A combination of digital and traditional?  Hmmm.. the wheels are a turning!

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