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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lego Card

Pinterest is totally inspiring!

There are so many talent crafters, bakers, chefs out there that I would never have stumbled upon if it had not been for pinterest.

I've already tried countless recipes, a handful of crafts, used some storage organizing ideas and LOADS of homemade cleaners for around the home!

I have to say I have loved almost each and every item that I've actually tried..... and have I mentioned that I have thousands of things to try on my to do list?  :)

Today my post is a project that I created that I stumbled upon from Pinterest.
It was last minute and I realized I wanted to make a card for a birthday party that my son's were invited too.   The little boy was turning 5 ... and hey, what better way to celebrate than to make him a fantastic card?

Well .. if you know me .. and have seen my layouts  .. you know that they can get a bit ... ahem .. detailed.  I just did not have the time for that today .. it had to be quick, it had to be cute, and it had to be easy.

A quick search on Pinterest brought me to HERE.  It's an image that someone posted on  I wish I could point you to the original artist's blog .. but unfortunately this link will have to do as I could not find any other way to credit the original person.

And HERE is the SUPER fast, SUPER cute, SUPER easy card that I threw together.  Start to finish was maybe 15-20 minutes ... not bad for me.

I hope that this inspires you to throw something handmade together for those you love ... even if it is last minute.

For this project I used the following:
1. Pinterest link!
4. Twine from Trendy Twine in Peppermint Stick


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