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Monday, January 17, 2011


I spent a little bit of time today working on some dinosaurs for a preschool bulletin board.  These were very simple to do, but very cute at the same time .. whipped them out in no time.

The pictures are not the best, but they will have to do for this project.  I misjudged my time today.  My little guy (1 year old) decided NOT to nap today.  How dare he????  Didn't he know that I had a plan for myself?  Cut and shade piecings in the afternoon, then glue and take pictures after bedtime.  Oh well, Life happens right? :)

This one's nose didn't seem to show up on my camera .... hmmm... makes me think it needs more shading.

I think the preschool will be thrilled!  They haven't had anything new in years (so I'm told).   These are being donated to Pine Lake Co-Op Preschool in Sammamish, WA.   Hope that the children enjoy them!

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