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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Impacted by the winter storm

Well, even though I live in the Pacific Northwest now, I have been impacted by the storm that is hitting the midwest today.

Today was the day that I planned on leaving for a vacation in Michigan.  I know what you're thinking ... vacation in Michigan ... in FEBRUARY?  Are you crazy?  Well, somewhat I guess.  Perhaps I'm just dedicated to family.   My little sister is due to have her second baby boy any day now, and I really want to be there for her.  This trip was/is a big deal for me.  Not only is it my first 'real' trip home since moving away a year ago, it has been 8 months since I've seen my father, 8 months since my kids have seen their Grandfather and a year since I have seen most family and friends.  This is a big trip for me.   A big, 3 week adventure with just me and my two boys.


Yep, that's right.  I'm braving the friendly skies with my two little guys.  A four year old, a one year old and a thirty-something year old traveling together and trying to stay calm, cool, and collective.  My nerves set in this past week.   I'm not so much worried about the four year old as the antsy one year old.  Finally I calmed myself, came to terms with what will be will be, and set in for a good nights sleep last night.

***RING*** ****RING***
4am .. the husband calls.  "We need to talk about your flight".  

I'm guessing a 4am call is not a good one.  I was right.  Flight cancelled!  uggh.   So much for preparing myself.  All packed, ready to go.  Just had to wait for the kids to wake up, eat breakfast and go.  Pretty simple.  Nope.  Not for me.  Not today anyway.

So, we'll try again on Thursday.  Pray that Mother Nature gets the nastiness out of her system by then.
Meanwhile, we will enjoy the sunshine and mild temperatures here in the Pacific Northwest.   

To my dear little nephew who's still in the womb baking .... please don't wait for your favorite Auntie ... give your Mom a break and come soon (Just after all the streets have been cleared of snow).


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