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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Scraps of Heaven Designs Blog Hop

Welcome to the very first Little Scraps of Heaven blog hop. If you have made it here from Inga's Blog you are on the right track.  If not, please go to the beginning and start at Kristy's blog (Have no fear .. you will make it back here in due time!).

We're so excited to being doing this hop and have an amazing line up with some very talented ladies. There will be lots of fun projects some great blog candy, and an AMAZING grand prize for this hop. This hop runs from Feb 23 - Mar 2, so you have plenty of time to make it all the way through the hop. Be sure to check back everyday to see new projects created using LSHD patterns, and some of us on the hop JUST might have some extra blog candy to share. : ) 

The grand prize is being sponsored by Tricia from Little Scraps of Heaven and she will be the last blog on the hop. In order to be eligible for the grand prize you must (1) leave a comment on every blog in the hop (list provided below), as well as (2) become a fan of Little Scraps of Heaven on Facebook and (3) follow the new Design Teams blog HERE.
** This is mandatory in order to be eligible for the overall grand prize.**
Here is the complete line-up of the hop.

Kristy -  - This is the starting Blog
Patricia -
Emily -
Kristi -
Sheri -
Liz -
Cindy -
Misty –
Corrine -
Leann -
Shawnee -
Janet -
Lisa -
Shannon -
Melanie –
Inga -
Dawn - -------->You are HERE
Shannon -
Monica -
Jennifer -
Lisa -
Little Scraps of Heaven -
Little Scraps of Heave Design Team Blog -

Now on to my project for today ... and of course I have a story behind this.

I have simply colored a LSHD digi stamp of the Angel Bear with Scissors with copic markers.

I have used the following copic colors:
Bear : E31, E57, E59
Dress: G82, G40
Cloud: B45, B91
Halo: Sakura Gelly Roll Pen, Golden Star
Scissors: 100, and American Crafts Metallic Marker in Silver
Highlights: Signo white pen

This is my first experience with Copics.  I've been dying to use them and I love how this turned out.

My crafting time has been limited the past three weeks but I have been dedicated to being a part of this blog hop.   
First, the good news.  The reason that I have been traveling is to await, greet, hug and kiss a new addition to our family ... his name is Samuel Michael and he is my sister's second son.  Upon hearing his due date it was evident to me that I HAD to be here for his birth!  So ... I decided to pack up my boys (Ages 1 and 4) and get on a plane and travel to Michigan (from Washington).  I had so many plans .... boy ... did I have so many plans.   First and foremost was spending time with my family.  Second was maybe getting a moment to myself (can I say Grandma's everywhere??), and third was accomplishing many tasks such as a few paper piecing projects, a minor blog redesign, set up of an etsy shop .... oh, and my list goes on and on.   Now .... what did I REALLY get accomplished?  Visits with family of course, a little bit of shopping .... little bit of sleep, lots of dealing with children who were struggling without their beds, their routines, their friends, their FATHER!  Oh, the drama that has gone on these past three weeks.  And it's not over yet.

One day, while driving around my one year old in the car (in the freezing cold snowy weather) I decided that I just had to get something done for the hop or I would just simply go crazy.   As I read blog feeds (in the car), flipped through magazines (in the car) and played on facebook (in the car) I decided that I would go with coloring a digi stamp of the LSHD angel bear with scissors .... of course, in the car.

SO, this is truly my first ever project that I have decided on, and completed on  ... in a car.
I can only hope that it is my last.

To complete the project I will most likely use my spellbinders dies to cut out the bear and place on a cute card.  Perhaps you will see that later in the week here .... stay tuned!

By the way, I actually colored 5 digi stamps to get to this one.  Practice makes perfect, right?

I'm also guessing that if you are here ... you might be wondering if I had any blog candy to offer??  Well the answer is OF COURSE!  To enter into the drawing to win, please become a follower of my blog.  You may also like to check me out on facebook too (although becoming a fan is not a requirement to win).

My blog candy is a few of my can't live without items:

(1) $10.00 gift certificate to Little Scraps of Heaven Designs
(2) Fiskars Scissors
(3) Fiskars Retractable Fingertip Detail Knife

Now, hopefully you've completed all the requirements to win the great prizes, and head on over to  Shannon's blog for more.

Be sure to check back daily for new projects and possible blog candy! : ) Thanks for hopping along with the first Little Scraps of Heaven Designs Blog Hop.  Enjoy and please come again!


  1. I love this!! Love Copics they add so much to a project! Fantastic job!!


  2. Thanks for participating in the LSHD blog hop. I am just learning to color with Copics too, such fun.

  3. I Love coloring stamps.. I dont have copics but use my prisma colored pencils..


  4. Great job! I need to practice with my copics. thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow.. you definitely ROCKED this.. in the car. :) You did a great job with the copics. I have still NOT tried them.


  6. I can't wait to try copics, you did a great job shading.

  7. I love the card with the copics! Too Cute!

  8. Great job Dawn! I might have to get my Copics out & try again. :)

  9. Great job with the copics! Practice does make perfect. I'm following your blog!

  10. What a great job, I have one copic but am probably going to buy more. The coloring is just so much better than the others. Wonderful design for being created in a car. TC TFS.
    debbie_craine at hot mail dot com

  11. Very cute, your going to love Copics!! Ofcoures they color better when you not stuck in a car all the time, lol. I have now followed you on here and on facebook. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Copics are terrific........have fun!

  13. Great job coloring! -In a car!! And congrats on the new addition to your family!
    carriedan1 at live dot com

  14. I haven't tried Copic markers yeat The shading you did is beautiful and adds dimension

  15. Hi, I love your projects & story, I haven't tried copics yet but have heard great things about them.

  16. Great job (in the car). Mine would look like scribbling. I'm a new follower. TFS! and a chance to win.

  17. I would never have thought about doing that. GREAT IDEA.... now I'll have to try it! Thanks

  18. First of all... congrats to your sis and her family!! :) And WOW... you did a fantastic job with the digi stamps and your copics!! I am not so good with the coloring of the stamps... not brave enough to try copics just yet. Thanks for the opportunity to win some fabulous giveaways!

    shellabc at prekfun dot com

  19. I am a new follower, Great job, I can't believe you did this in your car. Awesome, TFS. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Melissa D

  20. wow... great job!! thanks for sharing.

  21. Nice job and cute! I don't have copics yet but I do have water color for sharing and yeppers I became a follower.

  22. I would have never have known this was your first time using Copics! The Digi image is great!

  23. Looks like a great job from the car! I've never used Copics, but have always been interested. Thanks for sharing!

  24. You did a great job with the coloring. I am now a follower. Please check out my blog at Thanks, Lisa

  25. Enjoying the hop! Loving all of the cute projects!

    Thanks for sharing,

  26. Great job with the Copic markers. I now follow your blog too.

  27. I havn't tried copic did a great job!!!
    am a new follower!!!
    Follow me!!!

  28. So cute! I am just beginning to use copics too and I love them. Just wish they weren't so darn expensive! Your bear makes me what to buy more digi stamps!!

    -Lauren B

  29. Love your Blog Hop Copic creation, and the story that goes along with it!

    I plan on picking up some copics and giving them a try.


  30. How exciting, a new baby in the family! Great job on coloring your bear. Super cute! TFS and for the blog hop. I'm a new follower. Hope you will come follow me too.

    stacy at mycraftingtime dot com

  31. It is amazing what we can do in a car when we need too~~~:) I love your idea~

  32. very cute!!
    I am now a follower of your blog.

  33. Wow, I can't believe you completed this in a car! I can barely color at my desk, and I can't even read in a car without getting sick! Good job! I've never used copics, but I've heard only great things! I'm following your blog, I can't wait to see what else you post throughout the hop! :-)

  34. I will try to get back tomorrow. Nite! Think this is my last of all the blogs....I think :o) Hugs!

  35. careful!! copics are addictive!!!!
    Hop Hop Hopping along!

  36. Great project!!! I keep hearing about copics...but haven't tried...yet ;) Wishing you the best w/ visiting family!

  37. You did a great job coloring this Dawn...and you did it in a car. I guess I am going to have to get me some copics and give this a try. Thank you so much for sharing.

  38. Great Job! Copics are on my list of must tries. I keep putting them off but now maybe I'll go shopping. Thanks for sharing.

  39. You did an awesome job on the coloring! Congrats to your sister (and to you for being able to get some family time in)!

  40. Cool idea to color it in! (PS...Michigan may be cold, but it will always be my home..even when I am stuck living in VA.) Miss it dearly.

  41. I love LSHD..the bears are adorable! Cute project..I haven't used Copics yet. Keep the creative juices flowing! New follower...

  42. i also cant wait to try my copic markers, ive never done the digi stamps and im looking forword to trying them. Yours came out so cute.
    Thank-you for sharing & for new ideas
    Deborah Foti ( )

  43. congrats on the newest addition, love your bear, he will be adorable on a card I'm sure, maybe even a welcome baby card! Safe trip!!

    staci412 at optonline dot net

  44. I haven't tried copics yet so I am realy excited to try them now! Love how you did the bear, so sweet.
    TFS, Theresa

  45. I love this story! Things never go as imagined in our minds...LOL. especially with KIDS!
    I LOVE your blog, I'm excited to see what you make next!

  46. Love this digi stamp! I'm a new follower of yours...thanks for participating in this blog hop and thanks for sharing your beautiful projects! This is sure alot of fun seeing what everyone comes up with! Thanks so much for the chance to win your 'blog candy', too!

  47. nice job! i just made my first card using a digi stamp today..i hear coptic markers are excellent ..i will have to save up to get me some!

  48. Turned out so cute. Maybe all I have to do is start scrapping in car. I became a follower all the way around. Count me in
    Thanks for sharing
    karen k 3 at ameritech dot net

  49. I Just became a follower and am keeping up with the hop. At least trying.

  50. Great coloring job. I just got some copics but I definitely am not very good with them yet. TFS and the chance to win. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

  51. Cute project

    Katsews at gmail dotcom


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